Qualified Remote Pilots

All our pilots have achieved GVC and OFQUAL 4 Accreditation

EC 785/2004 Compliant Insurance

Insurance is provided by a specialist drone insurance company


Risk Assessments are undertaken for all flights and overseen by a manager with SMSTS certification

Data Protection

The drones and software used by PNG Drones meet all data protection requirements

PNG Drones Steps to a Safe Flight

PNG Drones Remote Pilots have all qualified through the Coptrz Academy gaining both their GVC and OFQUAL 4 accreditations. The course is in-depth and ends with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approval to undertake unmanned flights in the Specific Category. Which means we have the skills, knowledge and knowhow to get the footage required while maintaining everyone's safety.


Client Instruction

When PNG Drones is instructed by a client, a discussion will occur where a brief will be created to confirm the full requirements, this will be used to plan the most effective way of producing the required results.

Pre-Flight Planning

A full flight plan will be created, identifying all key areas and emergency procedures.
Including: Flight area, surrounding sensitivities, permissions required, emergency services and permissible weather conditions.

Identification of Appropriate Drone

Here at PNG drones we use DJI drones from the Mavic Mini 2 up to the DJI Matrice 310RTK. We also have the ability to hire specialist equipment if the need arises.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are undertaken for all flights and reviewed on the day of the flight and amended if necessary to allow for any changes in circumstances and signed off.

No/Go Flight Decision

On the day or days of the proposed flights, Remote Pilots and crew will review the Risk Assessment and undertake all checklists. Only if all requirements are met will a flight be undertaken. The final decision is made by the pilot, as it is his responsibility to operate the flight safely. 


Once the flight has been undertaken and the footage collected, it will be backed up and any editing or processing will take place and then be supplied to the client as soon as possible for sign off.

PNG Drones are experts and industry leaders in aerial photography, inspections and promotional videos for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We are fully inclusive and have a solution for all requirements and needs

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  • CAA Approved Drone Pilots
  • GVC & OFQUAL 4
  • Email: info@pngsolutions.co.uk
  • Tel: 07946567590

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